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The Origins of Privosa

Privosa has a legacy of over five generations, tracing back to a humble foundation in India, where the groundwork was laid through purchasing jewelry from the royal households. These hefty investments were a method by which to understand the process of creating precious jewelry, and later broken down to become their own diamond and jewel manufacturing force.

Historical Background of Privosa

By breaking down the elements of the jewelry into their raw material state; such as diamonds, gold, silver and gem stones; they were able to sell the raw materials and understand the dynamics of trade in terms of pricing, value and profit.Eventually, in the 1960s, this developed into buying the material raw, polishing and preparing them to be designed for wear and aesthetics. Factories were built up and cultured for the purpose of cutting and polishing lose diamonds, thereafter processed and designed into pieces of jewelry to be sold on the market. Initially a small time metals merchant selling to foreign buyers, it evolved into a manufacturing facility affluent in diamond cutting, polishing and hand-crafted designing.

The Meaning of Privosa

Privosa symbolizes the molding of a resourceful individual into a significantly esteemed and prestigious specialty business. Privosa is a noun, alphabetically constructed to represent a family that has cultivated their lives around the design and trade of precious jewels. Not only has involvement in the diamond trade become a long-standing tradition, but the passion for design is visibly etched into every piece of jewelry, exemplifying what it means to be considered creators of the finest jewelry.




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I don’t know how Privosa helped my husband, not just pick out, but design the absolute perfect ring but I am beyond amazed. It has beautiful detailing on the band with a vintage look that totally reflects me. -Christy



Not only was I surprised when he got down on one knee but as soon as I saw the ring I burst into tears. It’s everything I could’ve wanted and more. He won’t admit it, but I know Privosa must’ve helped my crazy fiance’ out a lot. -Elizabeth

Travis Emma


Absolutely in love with our rings. Thank you so so much! -Travis, Emma



I am in love with my ring as much as my husband! I asked him where he picked it out and learned about Privosa. Love that you are a family-run business and will definitely be recommending to family and friends. -Theresa