Why Privosa?

  • Family Owned

    Privosa has been in our family for over five generations. Throughout the years, we have learned and passed down knowledge about the design and elements of diamonds, down to their raw material state. Our extensive background of the precious jewel design trade has allowed us to unite couples with their very own, personalized diamonds.

  • No Middle Man = Wholesale Prices

    Our customized diamonds start directly from the mine in raw material form. From there, we manufacture the diamonds and then they go straight to your hands. We cut out the middle man: wholesalers and retailers alike. You receive conflict-free, certified diamonds straight from the source.

  • Lowest Prices on the Market

    Because we cut out the middle man, we guarantee the lowest prices for loose diamonds on the market. The diamonds go straight to you from manufacturing, and you don’t have to have to pay the difference. We provide high-quality diamonds at a fraction of the price. 

  • Money Back Guarantee

    A diamond represents more than just love. It symbolizes prosperity, endurance, and perseverance. We want your diamond to remain meaningful to you and your significant other, so we always guarantee that we will provide you with our best products, or you will get your money back.  


We offer a wide selection of diamonds with different cuts, carats, clarities, and colors. No matter what type of diamond you’re looking for, we have the perfect one for you.



  • 21 Days Return policy

    You will have access to any information you need about the Privosa process and will receive your product in a timely manner

  • The Best QUALITy

    Our quality is evident the rings and jewelry we design. The timeless pieces speak for themselves

  • Lowest price

    There is no middle man, which means we can guarantee you the lowest prices for loose diamonds on the market. The diamonds goes straight from the factory to you, so you can receive the highest quality diamond for a fraction of the cost.

  • Expert Service

    Now you can find your exact ring size with Priovsa’s easy on-display ring size chart

Conflict Free
Privosa provides you with only certified

conflict FREE & 100% Natural


Our Review


I don’t know how Privosa helped my husband, not just pick out, but design the absolute perfect ring but I am beyond amazed. It has beautiful detailing on the band with a vintage look that totally reflects me. -Christy



Not only was I surprised when he got down on one knee but as soon as I saw the ring I burst into tears. It’s everything I could’ve wanted and more. He won’t admit it, but I know Privosa must’ve helped my crazy fiance’ out a lot. -Elizabeth

Travis Emma


Absolutely in love with our rings. Thank you so so much! -Travis, Emma



I am in love with my ring as much as my husband! I asked him where he picked it out and learned about Privosa. Love that you are a family-run business and will definitely be recommending to family and friends. -Theresa

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